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WELCOME your next experience with the Architecture of Copenhagen!

Welcome to Architecture Tours DK, where passion and expertise come together to create an unforgettable experience for architecture lovers. On our knowledgeable tours we share our enthusiasm and love for Copenhagen's stunning architecture.

"Thank you again for a super-great tour around the inner harbour yesterday. It was such a pleasure that you were so energetic and well prepared. Our gusts really liked the tour. Well done!"

Mikkel Noa Klein,
PR Manager,
Wonderful Copenhagen

„A lively and often surprising tour of Copenhagen’s recent architectural history, showing iconic places as well as some that might otherwise be overlooked. Thomas knows the stories of his city well, including the controversial debates – and knows how to tell them in a memorable way.“


Irene Helmes,
Travel Journalist, Germany

"It was such a delight to be showed around by Thomas. With his eloquent words he made the Royal Library open like a rose, so we all could felt what architecture is about."

Klaus Jensen,
Retired Engineer, Denmark



A tour day

"As we conclude our tour, you'll leave with a knowledge of the remarkable architecture and cultural heritage of Copenhagen, and a deeper understanding of the themes that have shaped this magnificent city throughout its history."  
Thomas Brorholm, ArchitectureToursDK

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