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Luftfoto af cirkelbroen


Around the Heart  of the Copenhagen Harbour we find the grand cultural institutions of the city. As a revitalization of the harbour, it was decided in the late 1990'ies and early 2000's to built 
The Royal Danish Opera,
The Royal Library,
BLOX, The Danish Architecture Center),
The Theater House (Skuespilhuset).
The harbour has gone from being the dominated by black industries to being the epicenter of modern culture.


The harbour is defined by its many connecting bridges – with even more to come. Nowadays new bridges not only include, but often is built ONLY for bikes and pedestrians.
Down the harbour we find beautiful bridges, such as
The Bike Snake (Cykelslangen)

The Little Long Bridge (Lille Langebro)
The Kissing Bridge (Inderhavsnbroen)
The Circle bridge and many more. 


Through the last 3 decades Copenhagen has undergone a fundamental transformation of its DNA. From being a polluted industrial city with a huge public debt, investments and carefull planning have made Copenhagen the most livable city world (Monocle, 2022). On the tours we dive into inspirering examples of areas and buildings that were defining for the green transition of Copenhagens into becoming the human friendly city it is today.

Let's experience the cosy
Copenhagen atmosphere!

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