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North Harbour

Welcome to Nordhavn, an area where the past and the future coexist in perfect harmony. As we cycle through this district, you'll see how sustainability is at the forefront of every design decision.

Waterfront at Nordhavn a sunny afternoon in Copenhagen .jpg

This vast area of Nordhavn is a true testament to the transformation of a once industrial port to a sustainable and vibrant neighborhood.


You'll witness how the harbor heritage has been integrated into the modern architecture, with old warehouses converted into trendy apartments and office spaces.Nordhavn is a place of contrasts, where the towering glass skyscrapers and upcycled silo offices stand side-by-side with small and charming residential buildings.


The proximity to the water is an integral part of the area, with picturesque views of the harbor from every angle. It's no wonder that Nordhavn has become the second most expensive area in Denmark, with every square meter worth the investment.


So join us on this tour and discover the unique and fascinating charm of the biggest urban development project in the North (300 ha).

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