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South Harbour

Welcome to Dutch inspired Canal City of South Harbour, an area where the old and the new collide in a delightful tapestry of architectural styles and materials.


The area is a true testament to the city's Dutch influence, with charming canals and colorful houses that transport you to the Netherlands. As we explore South Harbour, you'll see a variety of architectural styles, from sleek modern buildings to restored historic warehouses.


The contrasts of the facades are striking, with brick buildings alongside facades of glass and steel, creating a playfulness between old and new. The materials used in the buildings are equally diverse, with concrete, wood, and steel all used in creative ways.


In this area it's the charming Dutch canals that steal the show, providing a peaceful and picturesque contrast to the bustling city streets. So come along on this tour and experience the diversity and charm of South Harbour.

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